Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Clothes Pin Nativity

Once again an idea I got from pinterest but I have modified it to make it my own. First I found the clothes pins...
I found these when I found the other clothes pins. then you glue two together.
 Sorry about the picture rotation, I don't know how to fix it. I decided to use ribbon to be able to hand them on the tree. I used a staple to secure it to the clothes pins.
 Then I cut off a little more than half
I wanted to wrap the little one in some kind of cloth so I experimented with different styles and sewing styles. including by hand (ick) but it was my mother in law that came to the rescue with a cotton cloth sewn down the middle. All my ideas I realized were a little to difficult.
And as the picture shows I just wrapped them up and glued the cloth on. Then I glued the baby Jesus to his mom and dad. :)
And walla a beautiful nativity ornament. :)
 I finished them all up and realized I had no more clothes pins but I had one more left to complete. So I decided to add a heart to this one.
 Thanks for reading and I wish you all a
Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Clothes Pin Card Holder

Ah Pinterest! What would I do without you? :) Well I'm sure I would cope, but I love seeing all the fun crafts that people do and then trying them myself. In our own place I would usually just tape our cards to a door. But I wasn't sure how my in laws would act to me doing that. So I had to come up with a better way to display our Christmas cards. And again, pinterest to the rescue. I found this cute tutorial for a clothes pin card holder and I realized that I had all the equipment I needed. I will admit my method was a little more tedious then the lady I got the tutorial from. She spray painted all her clothes pins, I didn't have festive spray paint colors and didn't really have the money to go buy it. So I just used the paint I had and painted each individual pin. Yeah tedious but mind consuming and i will admit fun. The perfectionist in me wanted to take all week making it right right. But the tired, side of me thought about all the little hands currently running about the house. (we are currently babysitting two twin boys. Yup 3 toddlers under one roof.) The, I guess you could call it realistic side of me won and I got it done in a day. I first hung it on the door headed to the backyard. It looked great and I was rather pleased.
  But the command...thingy I used to hang it up couldn't stand the cold from outside and the weight of the clothes pins and it decided to jump. Making my cute wreath plummet to its doom as well. Luckily it was fixable and found a new home on the door leading to the garage. Again the perfectionist side is nit picking at every flaw. But the side of me that sees what I was able to do in one whole day is pretty happy. :O)
P.S. I can get onto my pinterest account right now, but when I can I will post the link to the tutorial. unless you follow me on pinterest then you'll find it under my Christmas board.