Saturday, October 3, 2015

Boo-tiful Creation

So I thought of this cute craft that I could do and I had it mulling over in my head for awhile until I finally decided that I needed to be made into fruition. I had drawn up an idea of how I wanted it to look and then my little girl and I went to the craft store where I polished up my drawing and added and took things away from my initial idea. Then last Sunday I took a "me" day and crafted and watched my idea come together. Ok...tired of me talking about this idea, but not telling you the idea. :)
So I had this thought to put together a BOO sign and make each letter a monster. I also want to do a SCARY sign with the same idea. but that will have to wait awhile.

 The B I made into a witch, the O into a Mummy and the second O into Frankenstein
I used acrylic paint and added about 3 coats of paint (i think) This is because the letters I wanted at the craft store were all sold out so I had to get the pre-painted letters which made it a kind of pain to paint. I had to do a layer of color and then I had to do another layer of texture and then another of layer to cover up the rest of the white. Then it was just spot coating after that.

The base was a little easier to paint but took a few coats of paint as well. It was an unfinished base so the wood soaked in a little of the paint but I think this one only took 3 coats of paint. Then I drew the webs on with a pencil and used it as a guide. It was just a lot easier that way. I used a thin paint brush with black paint to paint on the web lines. After it dried I was able to erase the visible pencil marks that remained.
 For the chevron pattern on the B, I actually used a black chevron washi tape. This was my first time using washi tape; I was very happy with how super easy it was to use. It looks so great and it was a lot easier to get clean lines and have them match up with the tape as apposed to paint. The witches hat I confess I did not make. I went the easy route and pick up one of those mini witch hat headbands in the closeout section. I just cut the headband off and hot glued the hat onto the B. I was going to try and have the hat at an angel, but I wasn't sure what would happen to the hat if I started to gut it. So I just left it. I did find the cute little black cat and put that beside the witch B as well. However before I was able to glue it to the board, a certain pair of little hands got a hold of the cat and I haven't been able to find it yet. :p
The mummy was super easy. Since the letters were already painted white I didn't have to do much painting with this one. I just cleaned up the sticker and glue residue it left then I glued the googly eyes on and started wrapping the O with medical gauze. Wala it's done. :)
 The Last remaining O I used the same washi tape from the witch as the hair for the Frankenstein O. Then I just added a few stitches. I would like to add bolts to the side of the O but I currently don't have a way to get them in since our drill broke. So he will remain bolt-less until I can fix it. :)
  And there it is, my BOO sign. I am very excited about how this turned out.
 And after I got it off my cluttered table and on the shelf it looked even better. ;)