Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Open for Business

So after talking about it my hubby and i decided to try our hand at me having a boutique. I have been thinking about this for a few years now. I even had the name of my  boutique picked out and everything. But I never actually got it up and running. I am pleased to announce that Everything Ducky Boutique is now open for business. :) HOORAY! Currently I am making hair bows for infants and little girls. But as it gets bigger i may add other things. I am selling my things on Etsy. I have a blog   and I also have a page on facebook. Again under Everything's Ducky Boutique.  So come check out these locations to see all my different collections of bows and hair accessories. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Past crafts

I just found some pictures of a few crafts I have made in the past. Way before I started this blog. I just wanted to share them :)...

 Okay first off. it's REALLY annoying how blogger rotates pictures that so they aren't the correct way. Anyway soap box away. :) In our condo in South Ogden we had this 1/2 bath that was hard to decorate because the wall space was so different . You had the back wall which was perfect for a picture. But then a tiny wall space by the sink. So I came up with this idea. I found these cute picture frames and decided to do this craft to take up that wall space. I have been meaning to make more. I can see pink frames with flowers or butterfly's in the middle. Or mixed color frames with toy cars and trucks in the middle. I just need to make it a reality. :)

this next craft is something I made...I think it was back in 2008. maybe 2009. Anyway this was a gift to James on Valentines day. i set up this cute scavenger hunt all over the Salt Lake and Ogden Valley. It was a lot of fun. :) He still talks about it to this day. This was a lot of fun to make. I researched Chinese words and how to write them. On top of the box it says either Harmony or Serenity. It's been a few years I cant remember. :p The writing on the inside says I love you. I definitely remember that. :) For those of you not quite sure what this is. It's a sand garden to help relax you. It's a lot of fun to make designs in the sand with the rake and rocks. Everything I needed to make this I found at my local craft store...with the exception of the rake. I couldn't find one of those so I had to order it online.

Well that's it for now. If I find anymore I'll be sire to post them. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Past Experimental Crafts

 Well Just like the Title says. I wanted to share some ideas I had and tried but may have either flopped, I just plain didn't like them or they didn't work. When I first got my kindle I carried my backpack around. Naturally i was afraid of my new kindle getting broken, scratched, etc. So I made a make shift cover until i could afford a fancy cover with a light in it. :) I took an old hard back book that I didnt read, ripped out it's guts and covered it in a thick fabric. then i added elastic to keep the kindle in place and to keep the cover closed over the kindle. I added red ribbon over the elastic to try and make it look better and the result...

It actually worked really well. It protected my kindle until I was able to buy myself the fancy green cover with the built in light. :)

This next  one was last Fall. I wanted to try my hand at making a wreath, I didn't want to go to fancy till I had clear idea of what I wanted to do. How I wanted the wreath to look. And how I wanted to make it. So I decided to go small. i picked up some supplies from the dollar store and thought I'd start there. It turned out ok. But everytime I look at this wreath it always seems to blank and needs something more. Some kind of zing. But I still cant see any type of vision for it. Till I do. It may just stay looking like this...
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :)