Friday, September 25, 2015

Getting Back to Crafting

I don't know if I am just finally getting settled in from the chaos of this year or if its because the holiday season is right around the corner. Whatever the cause the crafting bug has bit me again and I must head its call. :p I have started a little small but I am in the process of something bigger. So here is the project I did yesterday.
I found some spiders in our Halloween stuff that were still in their box never been used. I knew I had some magnets in with my crafting stuff so I decided to cut off small pieces of magnets and use hot glue to glue them to the spiders.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory. :p but to be a good little blogger... :p
The spiders had a hollow center so I filled it with the hot glue and just went over the top of the spider and added glue to its "head". Then I placed the magnets on top of the hot glue and after getting burned a few times I actually used the handle of a fork to press the magnet so it would dry firmly into the glue.
After the glue was all dry and the spiders had cooled down, I placed them onto the front and back or our front door. The rolled up magnets I used are not that strong so if you are wanting to do this project I would suggest going to the craft store and to purchase a good strong set of magnets. These magnets will work for this year but I will probably have to replace them either at the end of the season or before I put them out next year. They were a quick and easy decoration to make that looks Super cute on our front door. Plus the fact that I had all the stuff so it was free doesn't hurt either. :)