Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Past Experimental Crafts

 Well Just like the Title says. I wanted to share some ideas I had and tried but may have either flopped, I just plain didn't like them or they didn't work. When I first got my kindle I carried my backpack around. Naturally i was afraid of my new kindle getting broken, scratched, etc. So I made a make shift cover until i could afford a fancy cover with a light in it. :) I took an old hard back book that I didnt read, ripped out it's guts and covered it in a thick fabric. then i added elastic to keep the kindle in place and to keep the cover closed over the kindle. I added red ribbon over the elastic to try and make it look better and the result...

It actually worked really well. It protected my kindle until I was able to buy myself the fancy green cover with the built in light. :)

This next  one was last Fall. I wanted to try my hand at making a wreath, I didn't want to go to fancy till I had clear idea of what I wanted to do. How I wanted the wreath to look. And how I wanted to make it. So I decided to go small. i picked up some supplies from the dollar store and thought I'd start there. It turned out ok. But everytime I look at this wreath it always seems to blank and needs something more. Some kind of zing. But I still cant see any type of vision for it. Till I do. It may just stay looking like this...
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :)

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