Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birthday Fun

My little girls birthday was a couple weeks ago. We found this awesome deal on a used vanity for her that is in very good condition. After we got it I started looking into accessories for it we found some cute hair items; blow dryer, curling iron, things like that. But all the pretend makeup we found was either real makeup that I could see my 2 year old making a mess of, or really expensive. So I had an idea. I found an old compact with some eye shadow still in it. I got rid of the eye shadow and got the compact all clean. Next I got some simple acrylic paint and I used it to coat the inside of the different eye shadow cases. I chose colors that are bright but still realistic.
 I tried to keep it smooth with no bubbles and thick enough to cover the silver tray. I let it sit overnight to make sure it dried all the way through. Then I used a clear drying hot glue and filled the trays. Once again I tried to keep the glue smooth with no bubbles or spikes. The bottom does get hot so be careful. This only took a couple hours to dry.
 It turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted and had visioned it and my little girl loves it. :)
I also made a cute My Little Pony cake for her birthday. I used the hot air balloon as my inspiration. The cake though was so little that I didn't think there would be enough for everyone, so I also did Cutie mark cupcakes.
 So this is the hot air balloon
I did the design on the balloon with a purple sharpie and I thought it would be cute to add her name in the design.
 Last but not least the cutie mark cupcakes. :) These took awhile to make but where a lot of fun. Everyone really seemed to enjoy everything and we all had a great time. Especially my little girl. :)

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