Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday Board

I was showing pintrest to my mom and explaining what it was to her awhile back and she happened to see one of the pins I had. It was a birthday board. She made a comment that she really liked it and it got me thinking about how I could make her one. Well when I was at the D.I. (thrift store here in Utah)one day I found this little beauty for $2.
And I started coming up with a plan to make my mom that birthday board. First I took the vinyl off the board, then I spray painted it a cream color. After I had put all the coats on and it was dry. I added the months. I found the months in vinyl at the craft store that was perfect. So I added those. then it was time to figure out how to add the birthdays at the bottom. As soon as I started looking at the craft stores for a way to make the names to hang under the board, I kept hitting a lot of snags. Finding a nice circle, oval or heart wasn't the problem. The wood was, it kept snapping in half when I tried to screw in the hook and eye. So one night, I was talking to my father in law about my project and he came up with a great idea for the names and dates. He had a drill press all we had to do was find the right thickness and buy a board and cut out a bunch or circles. GENIUS! And less expensive. So he was nice enough to cut out all the circles then I would sand and paint them. I decided to use a sharpie to write the names on and then I got the idea to put a picture on the back in case they got mixed up then you would know what month they were suppose to be.
After I got all those done (you don't want to know how many birthdays :p) I added a few to the board to take this picture.
Now it was time to added the wording on the board. This actual took me awhile. But this is what I came up with.
I got it all finished just in time to give it to my mom for her birthday so I haven't been able to get a picture of it hanging on the wall all put together yet. But I will next week. :)

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