Saturday, October 26, 2013


So when you are finishing a basement and  go down to look for something and see this in the corner...
What do you do? Well you craft with it of course. :) Every year when the holidays roll around we like to try and add at least one new decoration to our collection. Well this year we havent had a whole lot of money so I saw this as a good opportunity. :) I started off with the idea of 3 blocks But I found a stand that I could screw the blocks into and decided to add a third block due to the length of the base board.
 I started with a normal pumpkin face but thought it would be fun to go a little more cutesy
 I used some gauze to wrap my mummy and vola done. :) I still need to find a stem for my pumpkin and I would like to add bolts to frankenstein but here is what it looks sitting on our table. I had a lot of fun making this. Last night my friend Karen came over and she wanted to make a set too. So we went got some wood that she liked from the basement and got to work. It was a lot easier the second time around and the kids kept themselves occupied so we oculd focus on our craft and we were able to get it done in one night. here is hers...
 She wanted her mummy to be a girl. So we added eye lashes blush and a cute flower. We both really like how she turned out.

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