Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Goodies

More Halloween goodies that I made. :) It has been so fun doing all these creative things. I have really enjoyed it. I love pumpkin seeds. So this year I decided to  roast some pumpkin seeds.

 my little girl helped me take them off the paper towels after they dried and put them on the pan. I put olive oil in the pan then the seeds then butter and sprinkled them with garlic salt. They turned out really good. I ate so many after they were done that i got a little sick. :p.

Today I had a small Halloween party for my Activity Days girls. I told them about the origins of Halloween and the Jack o Lantern. We bobbed for apples and played Halloween bingo. I made graveyard and Frankenstein pudding for them too.
 The graveyard is chocolate pudding with crushed oreos and a gummy worm. the tombstone is a milano cookie. I wrote different things on the tombstones with chocolate frosting. The Frankenstein is vanilla pudding died green with crushed oreos on top then I just drew a Frankenstein face on the cup. It has been really fun making all these goodies. :)

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