Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toddler Hair styles

So now that my little girl has really long hair I can do really cute little styles with it. I have been experimenting with some ideas that I have found. She does pretty well for the most part to sit still. I do try and do her hair while she is eating breakfast, so that might have something to do with it too. :) Anyway here are a couple I have done and taken pictures of.
 This was actually quite lucky. I haven't been able to do this hairstyle since. She just wont sit still that long again. :p But This was my first attempt and I was quite proud of myself.
 This was her Valentines hair. It didn't hold up quite as well as the other since I didn't have the other pony tails up as high like the hair before. But still very cute.
 This was the best picture I could get of this hairstyle. I did a double pony tail pigtails. they stayed in really well all day long and was super cute.

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